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Commercial and Corporate Law

Erdem Law Firm provides consultancy and litigation services to merchants and corporations operating in Turkey and abroad related to many commercial and corporate disputes. Our firm carefully carries out company establishment procedures in Turkey or abroad in accordance with the business concept of its clients.

As Erdem Law Firm, we aim to play an important role in taking the right steps in the right place at the right time for each of our client with the awareness that business environment requires effective solutions.

As Erdem Law Firm, we also gained key contacts in Turkey and abroad as a result of our practical experience in international trade agreements, commercial transactions and other international legal matters. Erdem Law Firm cooperates with specialized law firms in the relevant countries, in order to settle the dispute as soon as possible and to obtain positive outcome in international commercial cases.

Our commercial and corporate department services generally include company establishment procedures with domestic or foreign capital, international and domestic consortium and joint venture agreement drafting, mergers and acquisitions, divisions and restructuring services, capital market law, negotiable instruments law, disputes arising from commercial agreements, resolution of international commercial transactions, consultancy services and litigation on international commercial conventions.