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Erdem Law Firm was founded by Prof. B. Bahadır Erdem and Sibel Erdem in 1999. Since then, it has offered top quality international and domestic consultancy and litigation services to its clients in a diverse range of legal issues, particularly arising out of international and domestic arbitration, international child abduction, corporate law, commercial law, family and inheritance law, debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, tax law, administrative law, labour law and real estate law.

Erdem Law Firm aims to achieve success by producing client-oriented solutions with its philosophy based on creativity, efficiency, loyalty and responsibility principles. Our Law Firm provides high-quality services based on teamwork of our qualified lawyers, all of whom graduated from leading law schools and possess in-depth knowledge in their professional field. Also, when necessary, we work with expert advisors in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Erdem Law Firm has an extensive network with the membership of respected internal and global institutions. In addition, we keep track of developments in the business world and in the field of law in order to provide creative and innovative solutions to our clients.

Erdem Law Firm has always been proud of contributing to the success of its clients by providing quality legal services to its clients with its strong team and wide business environment.

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