Tax Law

Erdem/Erdem Law Firm offers appropriate solutions with aiming reduction in clients’ tax burden within legal framework and consultancy services clients in order to meet Turkish tax law compliance regulations.

Erdem/Erdem considers tax planning concept when business structures are tailored for its clients. After a proper business structure established, we advise our clients to comply with tax regulations in order to prevent from tax penalties.

Erdem/Erdem has in-depth knowledge on taxation matters such as corporate taxation, transfer pricing and taxation disputes arisen from tax avoidance and taxation on foreign investment provisions. Erdem/Erdem provides regularly recent developments of taxation rules to its clients so as to decrease the risks of tax penalty incidents.

Furthermore, we provide tax consultancy in the case of tax reconciliation, tax restructuring issues. Our Law Firm, also, litigates a number of tax cases before Administrative Courts.

Our Tax Law Department Services generally include:

 Turkish Tax Law
 Taxation of Business Enterprises Issues
 Corporate and Income Tax
 VAT Issues
 International Tax Law
 Consultancy Services for Bilateral and Multilateral Tax Conventions
 Transfer Pricing