Private International law

Erdem/Erdem Law Firm provides legal consultancy and litigation services in order to tackle disputes arisen from private international law. We inform our clients from every step taken and target the best legal services in a short period. Our Attorney and Consultants are highly experienced on Turkish Legislations, international bilateral and multilateral conventions regarding private international law.

Erdem/Erdem carries out a diverse range of cases, such as international property law, foreign investments, international commercial contracts and other issues. Erdem/Erdem is, also, one of the leading law firms on recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgements and arbitral awards. However, we not only litigate to enforce and recognize foreign court judgements and arbitral awards but also we consult our clients what kind of foreign judgements and arbitral awards can be enforced and recognized in Turkey and which points taken into account at foreign judicial process. With this strategy, we aim to offer well quality legal services with minimum time and cost items to our clients.

The founding partner of Erdem/Erdem, Prof. Dr. B. Bahadır Erdem is the first official member representing Republic of Turkey in the Governing Council of International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIDROIT).  He has participated in all the drafting workshops of the Code on Private International and International Procedural Law Nr.5718 Dated 27.11.2007 by drawing up some of the texts of the Code and played an active role as a Commission member for the Ministry of Justice till the Code was passed by the Parliament. He has an extensive academic and practical knowledge on bilateral and multilateral conventions on that legal area. Prof. Dr. Erdem has produced a significant number of academic articles and books, which have been published highly recognized international and domestic law Journals and prominent cases on his areas of specialization.

Our Private International Law Department Services generally include:

 International Commercial Contracts
 Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements and Arbitral Awards
 International Intellectual Property Law
 International&Foreign Investment Disputes
 Nationality law and law of Foreigners
 International Procedure Law
 International Alternative Dispute Resolution
 Immigration law