Family&Inheritance Law

Erdem/Erdem Law Firm is one of the leading firms on family & inheritance law issues. We offers a top quality consultancy and litigation services to settle disputes as soon as possible. Erdem/Erdem has an extensive knowledge on family&inheritance matters with foreign element.

Our attorneys and consultant are highly experienced on not only Turkish Family Law but also American, German, English, Russian, French and Swiss Family Law. They, furthermore, have comprehensive understanding of international conventions relating to family law in practice.

The founding partner of Erdem/Erdem Law Firm, Prof. Dr. B. Bahadır Erdem is one of the prominent jurists on family and inheritance law in Turkey. He, also, carries out the President of Family Law Association established in Istanbul.

We offer consultancy services to bring an action before authorized court in the sense of saving time and cost items in the cases including foreign element. We, also, litigate a diverse range of family&inheritance law issues at both level of domestic and international level.

Our Family&Inheritance Law Department Services generally include:

 Conflicts on Family Issues
 Dissolution to Marriage Cases
 Custody Law
 The Dissolution of Marital Property Issues
 Inheritance Matters
 International Family&Inheritance Law