Erdem/Erdem Law Firm is highly experienced on arbitration issues. Our Arbitration Department carries out a diverse range of arbitration cases with taking cost and time effects into consideration.

Our Strategy, first of all, is that offering an excellent draft contract service so as to decrease in prospect disputes arisen from contracts made by our clients as much as possible at the negotiation period. In the case of disputes, however, stems from contracts, we offer prompt and effective action for our international and domestic clients in order to address cross-border and internal matters. The ultimate aim of Erdem/Erdem is to settle disputes with the most appropriate conditions.

Prof. Dr. B. Bahadır Erdem is well-recognized international and domestic arbitrator and has participated in arbitration board as an arbitrator a number of commercial issues such as telecommunication, public concession agreements and international commercial contracts. Erdem/Erdem, also, has well-qualified attorneys and consultants, who has overseas and international work experience on arbitration matters.

Our Law Firm forms a legal team for each individual arbitration case and examines carefully issues of the case due to the fact that reach maximum benefit for our clients with saving time and cost.  

Our Arbitration Department Services generally include:

 Domestic Arbitration
 International Arbitration
 Consultancy for ICC, ICSID, UNCITRAL, Swiss International Arbitration and TOBB Regulations
 Investment Arbitration
Sports Arbitratio