Administrative Law

Erdem/Erdem Law Firm provides consultancy services to clients at the stage of making administrative contracts, applications and other legal transactions such as concession agreements and build-operate-transfer contracts.

We assist our clients to secure their investments with reducing possible legal conflicts with central and local governments. In some cases, notably relating to concession contracts, we form a combined legal team from the Department of Arbitration and Administrative Law Department. Therefore, we offer top quality legal services to our clients.

We, in addition, litigate a diverse range of administrative cases. We try to ensure your interest with instituting a legal action for interim measures. Hence, we protect our clients from bureaucratic cumbersomeness.

Our Arbitration Department Services generally include:

 Administrative Applications&Contracts
 Privatization Projects
 Draft and other Consultancy Services for Concession, Build-Operate-Transfer and other Administrative Contracts
 Disputes on Zoning Law
 Consultancy and litigation for the Annulment of Administrative Action and Compensation Cases.