Erdem/Erdem Law Firm established in Istanbul in 1999. Since then, it has offered top quality international & domestic consultancy and litigation services to its clients in a diverse range of legal issues, particularly arising out of private international law, commercial law, contract law, international & domestic arbitration law, family law, debt enforcement & bankruptcy law, transnational tax law and employment law.

Our philosophy constitutes four fundamental values, which are creativity, efficiency, loyalty and accountability with aiming the achievement of a world class of client-oriented solutions. We have sustained our high quality services based on teamwork forming well-qualified lawyers, all of whom graduated from leading law schools and possess in-depth knowledge in their professional field.

Furthermore, we associate with distinguished legal consultants, selected according to circumstances to achieve the best results for our clients with taking into time and cost effect into consideration. We carry out our profession upon the principle of developing a close relationship with our clients and a thorough understanding of their business objectives.

Our legal strategy, first of all, is to foresee future obstacles in front of our clients and solve effectively them before they arise. If our clients counter an existing challenge, we provide tailored legal action as soon as possible in order to settle dispute.

Erdem/Erdem has an extensive network with the membership of well-respected internal and global institutions. In addition, it keeps track of developments in business and law world in order to provide creative and innovative solutions to its clients.

We offer the best quality legal services to our clients with employing well-qualified staffs and our wide network and we take pride in every client's individual success.